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Okay. Sorry this is way way way late, but I was out all day. Sorry again, but here's the new challenge.

Instead of a lyric, let's try and spruce up this community a little more with some pretties.

Make an icon for the community.
Ideally, you should have a quote, lyric, or other form of text that pertains to music, as well as the community's name.
That's "gstate_chorus" if you didn't know. ;)
And, of course, the picture used must be Garden State related.

Make a button or banner with the same requirements as listed for the icon.
Dimensions should be no bigger 100x80 for buttons.
Banners can be however large you feel is appropriate - but please don't go nuts.
Buttons and banners must say "gstate_chorus" somewhere on them.
Animation is dandy and fine.
We will have a seperate vote for this subchallenge, and all three places will be used as new buttons/banners for the community.

• You may submit one of each (ex: one default icon, one banner, and one button).
Animation or stillframe is fine.
Mods and co-mods may enter this challenge as well.
• Post your icon as a comment to this entry.
• Make sure you say whether or not you want a banner.

This challenge will end on Friday, February 25 at 12:00 midnight (EST). Any entries submitted after that time will not be qualified for the challenge. It's been extended one day since the challenge was posted up late.
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