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Challenge #7: Marc Cohn

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you all? I really do. You like Garden State, and you like making icons, so why shouldn't I love you? So what say we try to get more then 3 icons this week, ok? I believe in you all! You can do it!!

So here's this week's song:

Man of the World by Marc Cohn
This song would work really well for Large or even Sam/Large. Lots of possibilites.

RULES (In addition to the basics)
-You may submit up to [2] icons
-Blending is allowed.
-Manipulations are allowed.
-Animation is allowed.
-You must use at least four consecutive words.
-Please indicate if you want a banner if you place.
-Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 29, 2005.

"Man of the World"

I want be a man of the world
Blood in my veins and a hurt in my heart
Hide in the street with the noise and the dirt
And the one still looking for a brand new start
Oh i've been sleeping far too long
Hiding out in a palace of gold
Show me one thing before i'm gone
It can't be bought it can't be sold
Show me how to come alive
Show me how to make you mine
Cause if you'd only be my girl
I could be a man of the world
I could be a man of the world

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