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The Garden State Chorus
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Welcome to The Garden State Chorus!

Okay, you're asking yourself what you've gotten into (maybe not, but roll with it anyway, yeah?). This community is an icontest based on Zach Braff's film "Garden State." But! There's a catch. It's not just your normal icontest. No, no that would be too easy. A "chorus" means you can only use lyrics provided for you to use on your icon entries. So if you're looking to make some nice bases... sorry, wrong community, but you're welcome to stay! :)

Teh Rules

Each week, there will be a challenge posted up in the community. There will be a lyric, a category (character name, etc), and a little "post comment" button. You'll make a nice icon using the lyric and category, upload it to your own server (photobucket works nicely, I've found) and click the little "post comment" button to enter your icon into the contest. You'll want to comment with the icon itself and the URL for the icon. Pour example:

If I were going to enter an icon, my comment would look a little something like this.


Easy enough? Good! Let's move on.

.:. The entries in these challenges must be icons that you have never posted before. Previously made icons just show a lack of creativity, and I know you're all terribly creative people. <3
.:. You may only enter each challenge once, unless specifically noted by a moderator. Just one entry each, please.
.:. Your icon must be LJ compatible. That means a 100x100 pixel max, and nothing larger than 40kB
.:. Banners will be 100x300px, horizontal. JSYK.


.:. You may only vote once. Sort-of an obvious one, there.
.:. Please choose your top three favorites, and place them in any order you like. They will all be added up to give us a final gold, sliver, bronze sort of deal. Like the olympics, only not. And with a mod's choice selected by a vote between the mods. <3 The mod's choice will be an icon that was not originally selected as a winner, so there's four chances to win!
.:. Because you can vote for 3, you are allowed to vote for your own. Make sure to take advantage of that.
.:. No worries, all votes will be screened until the winners are placed and put up, so don't be afraid to vote with your heart. Aww.


A new challenge should be up every Sunday, and you will have until the following Friday to make your icon, upload it, and enter it into the challenge. On Friday, the entries will be put into one post and you will be able to vote. Voting will close on Sunday when the votes will be tallied and winners will be selected. Confused? Yeah, me too. We'll see how this works out, and if we have to change it, there'll be a post letting you guys know. :)






Take a banner (or two) and go promote the community! We need all the help we can get. <3

.:..:.thanks to sweetbloodcandy



We're open to affiliations of all sorts, just drop a comment. :)


by frenzynoise. Thank you! :D
Former Maintainers: less_abandoned and crazymol4588. Userinfo and a lot of stuff like that by them.

I think that's about it, actually. So without further ado, let the iconmaking craziness begin! Thanks for your time. :) Any questions? Feel free to drop a comment or an email, and I'll be glad to help out. :)